TULSA, Oklahoma - Nonprofits that have been giving to Green Country all year are getting an end-of-the-year gift. The George Kaiser Family Foundation said nearly $7 million in grant money will be going to 75 recipients.

The money is going to four different categories: basic needs, health, education, and support services for children and families.

Domestic Violence Intervention Services is one of the nonprofits getting the unexpected gift.

The George Kaiser Family Foundation is giving the nonprofit a $300,000 grant to be used for its emergency shelter, child services and legal program.

"If we didn't have the funding, we wouldn't be able to be here and serve near as many people as we serve now," said DVIS CEO Tracey Lyall.

Lyall said they serve hundreds of men, women and children each year and can rest easy knowing that help won't stop in 2018.

"It translates to some real numbers and real lives that are changed because of their gift," Lyall said.

Dozens of other nonprofits - like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Iron Gate, Meals on Wheels and Rebuilding Together Tulsa - are also receiving grants.

The amount each non-profit is receiving ranges from thousands of dollars - to more than a quarter million.

"We're ecstatic about the support we receive from the George Kaiser Family Foundation," said Restore Hope Ministries Director Jeff Jaynes.

As volunteers fill up shopping carts at Restore Hope Ministries, they collect specific groceries families ask for.

The money the foundation is giving them will be used to help families pay their rent and avoid eviction.

"Over 99 percent of the people we help with rent assistance, don't become homeless. They don't go to the shelters, they don't go on the streets. They stay in their apartment, in their home, and live their lives," Jaynes said.

Twenty six of the nonprofits receiving grants will also take part in a challenge grant.

The foundation will use $633,300 to match donations people make to those nonprofits next year.

That money is not included in the $6.7 million dollars, the foundation said.

You can see a full list of grant recipients and challenge/matching grant recipients below.

Grant Recipients:

Challenge/Matching Grant Recipients: