TULSA, Oklahoma - A woman speaks out about the week she says Victor Hursh held her captive and sexually assaulted her.

Hursh is currently charged with several counts of rape involving other victims.

Prosecutors said Victor Hursh calls himself "The Reaper". 

One woman said he often wore clown masks and told her he was the devil himself. 

One woman, who wants to stay anonymous, so we’re calling her Rachel, said Victor Hursh held her captive for a week back in the fall of 2015.
Rachel said she met Victor through Facebook; they had mutual musician friends who were set to play a gig at a local venue, so she said they met to go to the show together.

"He told me to bring my car and follow in my car, that way I'd feel safe and stuff," she said. 

When she arrived, she said he asked her if she wanted to come inside while he finished getting ready.

Rachel said he offered her a bottle of water.

"I immediately started feeling dizzy and out of my head and knew something wasn't right. So, I was trying to get to that front door," she said. 

Rachel said the door was padlocked from the inside and before she could find a way out, she collapsed.

"Next, when I woke up, I was on a bed spread eagle in restraints," she said, "He walked through, I asked him, what the hell is happening? Let me go. He goes, no, you're not going anywhere *****."

She said the next seven days were a nightmare.

Rachel said Hursh drugged her, threatened her with weapons, and repeatedly sexually assaulted her.
She said she finally escaped when he took off the restraints so she could use the bathroom.

She said she didn't report it to police until a few months later and she said Victor showed police a video that made it all look consensual.

"He told me to make it look like I'm enjoying myself or I'm going to kill you," she said. 

Prosecutors say they weren't able to file charges in Rachel's case, but she said at this point, she just wants to see Hursh go to prison for the rest of his life.

Prosecutors did charge Hursch with nine counts, including rape and kidnapping, involving three other women.
A judge will decide in January if there's enough evidence to order him to stand trial.