TULSA, Oklahoma - About 80 percent of Tulsa Public School students are on the free or reduced meal plan.

But when those kids are on break, the Food Bank steps in to help.

Kids at the Bradford Apartments waited for lunch Thursday, provided by the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

"During times like these, when school's out and kids might be missing those meals they get at school, we'll take to truck out," said Eileen Bradshaw with the food bank.

“Today is day one of the Food Bank's program to try to fill the gap during this break for kids who rely on free or reduced-price meals at school,” chef Jeremy Johnson said.

Johnson and Taylor Barton are the chefs who put the meals together.

"I can see the good immediately whenever I am here," Barton said.

They have three stops on the itinerary each day - at the South Tulsa Community House there weren't as many kids, so some of the adults got the extra meals because, as Johnson and Barton said, hungry is hungry.

The priority is always kids first, then adults if there is enough.

For the chefs, the menu is always based on what gets donated.

"You have to be creative on the fly," Johnson.