OWASSO, Oklahoma - An Owasso man eating out with his family makes an unexpected discovery.

Police said Terry Fitzgerald found the drugs in the middle of a busy Owasso shopping center. 

Fitzgerald found a little over two grams of meth in a hide-a-key outside the Owasso Olive Garden after he had dinner with his family.

"I told my wife, hey we better turn that in if someone lost their key," said Fitzgerald.

"I opened it up and there was nothing but bags of meth in it," he said. 

Fitzgerald immediately called police

"It looked like, because it was so dirty that maybe it had been under a car, maybe they were hiding it for sale. Someone would come up; a second party would take it from there. In this case, luckily it didn't work out," said Owasso Police Lieutenant Nick Boatman.  

Officers said they are happy to get the drugs off the street but the situation could've been much worse.

"There are some narcotics these days where just the very touch of it can be very detrimental to your health, whether that be fentanyl or some other derivative of it," Boatman said. 

Especially since the shopping center is so busy this time of year.

"It's concerning to us because it's in a retail district where there are lots of children and elderly people, families going to do their shopping," said Boatman. 

Fitzgerald said he is just happy it was him who found the drugs and not his two-year-old son, who he was holding at the time.

"Glad no little kid picked it up and put it in their pocket and their parents get pulled over," said Fitzgerald.

Police said Fitzgerald did the right thing by calling police and waiting for them to come get the drugs and encourage anyone who finds themselves in a situation like this, to do the same.