WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congress passed a short-term government funding bill Thursday, avoiding a government shutdown. The House voted 231-188 in the afternoon and the Senate voted 66-32 a few hours later. 

The continuing resolution passed just in time as a Friday shutdown deadline loomed. The move funds the government through January 19. 

The legislation narrowly surpassed the 212 vote threshold to pass the House, with 16 Republicans voting "no" and 14 Democrats voting "yes" to fund the government.

The bill includes a waiver for Pay-as-you-go rules that could cause automatic spending cuts.

It also serves as a short-term extension to the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), providing $2.85 billion until March 31. It also provides funding for the Veterans Choice program and emergency funding to the Department of Defense for missile defense and ship repair in addition to reauthorizing FISA Section 702 until January 19.

The funding bill will now head to President Trump for his signature.

The House also passed a separate $81 billion disaster relief bill 251-169 to help states recently impacted by hurricanes and wildfires, such as Texas, Florida and California. However, the Senate voted to delay the legislation until the new year.