McALESTER, Oklahoma - A group of McAlester women is warming spirits just in time for Christmas.

News On 6 looked into the work the ladies are doing to comfort children in Pittsburg County.

A room inside McAlester's North Town Church of Christ is where the fabric of love weaves together with The Lord's work. 

“After you've studied God's word, you realize what your obligations are and it's definitely to others, service to others,” said Nancy Workman.  

So that's exactly what Nancy Workman and her friends at church are doing now.

They're sewing together comfort blankets for children in their community.

“We've got about 44 blankets and 12 throws to give away,” said Workman. 

Each blanket has a special label sewn on; 'Made with Love by the North Town Church of Christ'. 

The blankets are packed up with a doll or stuffed animal.

The women have been working on this project for about 4 months.    

And this week, they delivered their labor of love to the Pittsburg County Sheriff's Office.
“The blankets and the dolls … It's just a blessing,” said Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris. 

The blankets will go in patrol cars for deputies to give to children, and in some cases, adults, to help them feel safe on different scenes.

“If we can give some comfort to someone in a trauma or stressful situation, it'll be worth all the time that it's taken,” said Workman.  

These ladies have several other projects planned for the holiday season and in the year to come.
So, the work inside the sewing room at North Town Church of Christ is far from finished. 

“We don't want it to be done, it gives us a purpose,” said Workman.  

Once the ladies left the sheriff's office, they headed over to the police department where they dropped off the rest of their comfort blankets.