TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa woman spent her time and her own money making and passing out blankets to the homeless on Christmas Day.

She says she doesn't do it for the recognition, she does it because she believes it's her mission to help.

Reshele Jackson used to drive a school bus and noticed the homeless people camping out under the Highway 169 Bridge every day.

"I drive past 71st every day, so when you see them up under the bridge, you gotta try to stand in the gap to help them,” said Jackson.

Jackson says she started with cash but soon discovered it wasn't enough.

"I learned to start making blankets,” she said. “My mission, I am going to help the homeless because cash just wasn't enough money.”

Although Jackson says she doesn't do this for the recognition, a kind lady who works at JoAnn Fabrics where she buys the fabric for the blankets knew people needed to see the impact she has on the homeless.

But when you don't have family close by, it can be hard, especially on Christmas.

"My family lives in Texas,” said Jackson. “When you really don't have family here to spend time with you, you can imagine what a homeless person feels like and they're in the cold."

A giving nature is something she is passing on to her 13-year-old son too.

“My son believes in being a generous giver too,” she said. “He's the same way. He goes to QuikTrip and he bless the homeless too, so we just stay in this together.”

And Jackson will continue to make an impact on every person she meets.