BOSTON, Massachusetts - A nasty winter storm hit New England Christmas Day temporarily shut down runways at Boston's Logan Airport. 

A spokesman told CBS Boston, airport crews were not able to keep up with the snow and they were not allowing flights to depart or land in the morning but later in the day, one runway was able to open but delays continued. 

A JetBlue plane went off the taxiway at the airport Christmas night, the airline confirmed to CBS News. There were no injuries, JetBlue said.

According to JetBlue, Flight 50 from Savannah to Boston went off of a taxiway shortly after landing at approximately 7:15 p.m. 

A combination of high wind gusts and heavy snow/ice on wires could lead to power outages in the region. There were about 11,000 reported outages in the state Monday afternoon, mostly on Cape Cod.