SAPULPA, Oklahoma - A man is in jail after police said he stole a firefighter's pickup in Tulsa and led them on a chase into Sapulpa. 

The suspect, Charles Brown, let officers on a chase for nearly an hour. 

Police say this chase came to an end on Woodland Avenue.

That's where police say Brown crashed the firefighter's truck into a line of trees.

Tulsa firefighter Earl Blevins says he'd been fighting the fire over at Macaroni Grill all morning and was getting ready to leave the fire station when someone took off in his Dodge Ram.

"Brought some stuff out, started my truck, went back in to get some more stuff, came out and the guys all said, ‘Hey Earl, somebody stole your truck,’” Blevins recalled.

Police say this started at Brown's apartment near 51st and Union where they say he threw a brick through the window of his apartment, aiming for his wife.

Officers say they tried to get him to surrender, but he walked over to the fire department and left in the firefighter's truck.

They say Brown led them from Tulsa into Sapulpa, with Sapulpa officers, Creek County deputies and OHP getting involved.

“He stopped a number of times along the way,” said Sgt. Justin Farley. “He just seemed to be confused about what he was going to do next."

Blevins got an officer to bring him to the scene and says he was praying along the way.

"Hey, this truck belongs to God, so he gave it to me and if he tears it up, he tears it up, I guess,” Blevins stated.

News On 6 was the only station there as Brown was arrested after crashing into a line of trees in a Sapulpa neighborhood.

Blevins says he's just happy no one was hurt.

"They said he was going 90, 95 miles an hour,” said Blevins. “He could've hit somebody and killed a whole family or something here at Christmastime, so I'm grateful that didn't happen."