TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa police raid shut down what investigators called a chop shop full of stolen vehicles.

Police have three people in custody after keeping a close eye on the home for about a month.

For hours Wednesday, Tulsa police officers from special operations and auto thefts combed through trucks, motorcycles and car parts at the home.

Police said, for the last month, they've noticed a rash of stolen vehicles coming in and out there.

“Field officers, as soon as they would find something, they would let us know about it and we were able to present it to a judge and the judge signed the warrant just last week,” Corporal Dan Miller said.

Richard Deeter, Jessica David and James Pigeon were arrested on complaints including possession of a stolen vehicle and intent to distribute drugs.

Investigators said many of the VIN numbers were removed from the vehicles, so they towed them to do a more thorough investigation into where they came from.

Tulsa police said the home is the same place where, on Christmas morning, police tried to stop a Chevy truck a few blocks from there for a traffic violation when it came up stolen.

They said Kim Wade Dyer was driving and ended up jumping from the truck and running to 1332 North Richmond.

"It was all part of it. That was just another one of those situations where they were trying to stop the vehicle and he ran to this location and they caught one of the guys here,” Miller said.

Police said none of the other houses in the area are involved.

As far as the case on Christmas Day, officers found a stolen 9-millimeter handgun in the vehicle and a motorcycle in the bed of the truck, that also appeared to be stolen.