TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A large plume of smoke could be seen west of Tulsa this afternoon after a mobile home went up in flames.

Wednesday, Berryhill Fire Department got to the scene in frigid temperatures to try and put a mobile home fire out but the property owner said it was going to come down eventually so he wanted to let it burn.

“They cut through something and sparked and up it went to the wall, and it got in the carpet and off it went,” said Berryhill Fire Chief Michael Hall.

The mobile home surrounded by four rock walls went up in flames in a wooded area on Skyline Drive.

“It's been unused for about ten years now,” said Chief Hall.

Hall says the homeowner was there doing some renovations when the fire started.

“They were moving a stove,” said Hall. “There was no gas or electric hooked up to it, but they were using some cutting equipment and up it went.”

Chief Hall says the homeowner told him that he is planning to build a house there eventually so he wanted them to just let it burn.

“He had already told us that the house was going to come down eventually, so this will just help him get rid of it,” Hall stated.

Since the fire was inside of four brick walls, it created a plume of smoke that could be seen from all over Tulsa.

“This one was a mobile home with a roof on it and walls around it made out of rock, so it was really a chimney,” Hall added.

Chief Hall says thankfully there was precipitation recently, because otherwise, the fire could have gotten out of control.

“If we didn't have the snow and the rain, it could've been a lot worse,” he said. “We would've done a lot more firefighting.”

Hall said the department took a grass rig just in case to make sure the fire didn't spread anywhere else.

Firefighters stayed on the scene after to make sure all the fire from the aluminum and other materials was put out.