TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa County deputies say they hit the jackpot when they put a gang member behind bars Thursday.

They arrested Jason Wood after serving a search warrant at his home.

Deputies say they hit the "motherload" at Wood's home when they found guns, ammunition and drugs inside the house.

They say they went there after learning he planned to smuggle drugs right here into the Tulsa County Jail.

"We seen all the police rush around behind this house," said neighbor Stacy Farland. 

Farland woke up to see deputies swarm her neighbor's home near Delaware and Lewis. 

"They actually had to take big bolt cutters to cut back in the back sheds, they did a ramming bar on the front door," Farland said. "We seen it all go down this morning, we actually heard the flash bang when they pepper sprayed the home."

It all began when deputies learned a man was planning to smuggle the drug Cyboxin into the jail to sell.

Deputies got a search warrant for his home.

"They hit the jackpot in this house. We're talking about a huge amount of guns, some property we suspect is stolen, as well as a small amount of crack and marijuana," said Casey Roebuck with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies then arrested 47-year-old Wood.

They say he's a known felon and a dangerous Irish Mob gang member.

"Mr. Wood was arrested in April for shooting with intent to kill. He's got a pretty long rap sheet," Roebuck said. 

His neighbors are happy he's behind bars.

"It's a relief knowing that all of this is gone," Farland said. 

Deputies say Tulsa is safer with Wood locked up. 

"We're pretty relieved to have served that search warrant this morning and to have shut things down at that location before somebody got seriously hurt in that neighborhood," Roebuck said. 

As for the shooting arrest in April, prosecutors dropped the charge against Wood when a witness failed to appear.