MANNFORD, Oklahoma - A Mannford nursing home is under fire after police say a nursing assistant gave a resident a black eye.

And investigators say other allegations of abuse are now coming to light.
Mannford Police said Amber Campbell is charged with caretaker abuse for throwing a call button at a 93-year-old woman's face.

"Bonnie was put in that nursing home so they could take care of her," said Mannford Police Chief Lucky Miller. 

Miller calls this a "heinous crime" that left 93-year-old Bonnie Spencer with a black eye.

Police immediately launched an investigation at Cimarron Pointe Care Center when they received the call.

"Ms. Spencer is blind. We asked her what happened. She's very cognitive and responsive and knows what's going on," Miller said, "She stated that she had lost her call button, which alerts the staff she needs assistance in her room."

Miller said Spencer told them she was yelling for help to find it when a nurse entered the room.

"Of course she doesn't know who, came in her room and threw the call light, striking the side of her face," said Miller. 

Through the investigation, police were able to pinpoint nurse Amber Campbell as the suspect.

"After hitting her with some evidence that we had, she finally admitted to, out of frustration, throwing the call light button to Bonnie and striking her in the eye," said Chief Miller. 

Now, there are two more allegations of abuse police are looking into.

"It all came out of the woodwork once this incident occurred," Miller said. 

He said one of those was witnessed by another nurses assistant, who failed to report it.

"Had [she] stepped up and reported that abuse a week ago, Mrs. Spencer wouldn't have been a victim," said Miller. 

Miller said they're pursuing charges against that nurses assistant too, but as far as he knows, she's still employed at Cimarron.

Spencer's family did not go on camera, but Miller said they want to see whoever is responsible prosecuted for this crime.

Brian Shane with Cimarron Pointe Care Center said they do not condone this type of behavior, and took action the second they knew about the abuse.