BEVERLY HILLS, California - After Oklahoma State's bowl game, OU will be the next to take center stage in the Rose Bowl.

A group of Sooners wants you to put some respect on it as the defense takes to the podium.

At 8 AM Thursday morning, we interviewed the OU Defense & Georgia's Offense. 

The Sooners were frequently asked about the pervading narrative: that OU's defense can't match the physicality of Georgia and the SEC. 

"The only time we pretty much do hear about our defense is about how much we suck or how bad we're doing in the year. And how we have to improve on this and this and this and how we are holding the team back. So, we have a lot to prove and we have these next two games to do it and I'm just hoping we come together as a defense and continue playing well like we had these past couple games that we've been doubted,” said OU linebacker Caleb Kelly. 

"They have beef upfront but for the most part those guys are a little bit lighter but they play big and they play physical and fast so I really can't compare them to anyone we played this season," said Georgia’s Isaiah Wynn. 

All eyes are on Heisman winner Baker Mayfield, wondering if he's still feeling under the weather. 

He went through drills, but he didn't look to be his spunky self. 

With 4 days till the National Semifinal, you'd expect Mayfield would be ready to go.