BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - Two Bartlesville police officers are credited with saving two women from a house fire. 

The Bartlesville fire department was dispatched to the scene early Thursday morning and two police officers heard the call as well. 

Firefighters said the officers got to the scene before they did and it could've been a lot worse if they hadn't.

"With people being trapped you know that sends everybody flying," said Bill Hollander with the Bartlesville Fire Department, “they were just fortunate they happened to be in the area of the fire, heard the call go out.”

The two police officers got there before the engine and ended up running inside. 

“They actually had gone in and risked their lives to pull out these women who were trapped inside the structure,” said Hollander.  

Both women and the officers were able to get out safely, but Hollander said something the two women did before they got out made all the difference. 

“They had the presence of mind to shut the door to the fire door and that kept a lot of the heat and smoke away from them,” he said. 

Hollander said by doing so, they were able to buy themselves time to be saved. 

“I honestly believe if they didn't have the presence of mind to do that then we would've had a very different outcome for this fire,” he said.  

But no matter the badge, the women were lucky to have someone on their side 

“They went above and beyond last night putting themselves at risk … police officers are a different breed of people like we are and we appreciate them going in and getting those ladies pulled out of there for us,” Hollander said. 

The two officers were treated for smoke inhalation and released and the two victims are stable. 

The fire is still under investigation, but it's believed to have been caused by an overloaded power strip.