TULSA, Oklahoma - An agreement has been reached in a lawsuit against Tulsa Public Schools alleging a sexual assault on a school bus.

Both parties have agreed to a settlement of $35,000, court documents show.

Court records state an elementary student was riding on a school bus in February, 2015, when another student pinned her down and pressed against her, asking "How do you like this?"

The girl's attorney said although the student who assaulted her was suspended for a short time, he was allowed to attend the same classes and ride the same bus with her after that suspension. The school system later removed the boy from the school, but he still attended two after-school events where he taunted her, the attorney said.

The girl received counseling and was both physically and emotionally damaged by the experience, the lawsuit alleged. 

The school responded to the lawsuit stating the male student is special needs, and it suspended him for the maximum period allowed by federal law. The school approved a change of placement to a different elementary school in April, 2015, its response states.

The school also argued that he was told to leave the "Back to School Night" and dance when he showed up "unannounced and uninvited." The TPS attorney said the district acted appropriately and in conformance with all applicable laws and did not breach any duty owed to the student.

The settlement agreement will be approved in a conference in February. The funds will be placed in a trust for the student until she is of age.


Response to Lawsuit: