TULSA, Oklahoma - The Tulsa Fire Department is warning about the tempting dangers of stepping out on an ice covered pond or creek.

Many area ponds and streams are frozen over and TFD says when kids see that, they want to test it out.  But firefighters warn it is not cold enough here in Oklahoma for anyone, especially children to do that.

The fire department says it has responded to a number of calls about children playing on ice covered ponds.  But so far, they haven't found any kids on the ice, but still want to remind parents about the dangers.

They say many charts show that ice should be a minimum of four-inches thick to skate or play on.

And while along the edges, it may seem thicker, over deeper water, the ice is much weaker, leaving a very real possibility of someone falling through. 

And as we start to thaw out over the next couple of days that ice will become even more dangerous, so they are urging parents to make sure children know to stay away from the ice all together.