TULSA, Oklahoma - Two young women spotted a camera recording them while they undressed at a Tulsa massage parlor.

Police and prosecutors said, based on the way the law is written right now, recording the women partially nude doesn't appear to be illegal, and the two women want the law changed.

Kelley and Harlee said they felt violated knowing they'd been videotaped without their knowledge or permission and were shocked to learn it’s likely not illegal.

"It just doesn't make sense to me that something like that's not illegal," Kelley said.

A lot of people - from police and prosecutors to the state licensing board - felt recording young women while they were undressing for a massage is wrong.

"I mean, this has to be changed," Harlee said.

The current peeping law says it's illegal if the camera is hidden or the video is disseminated.

Police said, in this case, the camera was visible, although it was near the ceiling, and they don't believe the video was shared.

When I went to WD Massage at 69th and Lewis and was shown the room where the girls got their massage, the camera was no longer on the ceiling, but we did find it in the same room.

Lori: "Oh, here's the camera."
Owner: "Yes, camera, yes, no."
Lori: "Was it here in the ceiling?"
Owner: "No, it was over here."

Police said there were no cameras in the individual massage rooms, just in the larger room that the business said generally isn't used for full-body massages.

The girls said they should've been told the camera was there.

"Morally, do I think it was okay for these girls to be recorded? Absolutely not. However, we have to do our investigation to put these elements together," Sergeant Jillian Phippen said.

Kelley said, "We just have to find that loophole in the law and fix it."

In other states, some places do have cameras in massage rooms to protect the employees, but those states require signage and telling the customers beforehand.