PORUM, Oklahoma - A family is mourning the loss of a woman and her two children who died in a house fire Tuesday in Porum.

The family says right now they're on a roller coaster of emotion, laughing as they remember good times and overwhelmed with grief knowing they'll never have those good times again.

Tiffany Fraley, 21, and her two children, 11-month-old Mia and two-year-old Raiden died when their home in Porum caught fire early Tuesday morning.

The only one to survive, Kevin Fraley, is being treated for burns at a Tulsa Hospital.

“We're just dealing with it day by day really,” said Tiffany’s older sister Ashley Ward.

"She had the most incredible smile, and her laugh, it was loud and infectious,” said Ward.

Ward and Tiffany’s aunt, Melinda Imler, said Tiffany and Kevin got married in November in Branson and stopped by the day before the trip.

“You could just tell happiness was radiating off of both of them,” Ward recalled. “They were just all smiles.”

The new family of four was just settling into their lives this past month.

“Everything was looking good for them,” said Imler.

The family says Tiffany and Kevin would do anything for their children and did, even up to the last moment.

“She had crawled into the closet with Mia and was laying on top of Mia and had covered them both with blankets, so she really did everything that she could,” said Imler.

“She loved her babies, so much,” said Ward. “The love that she had for her family was incredible."

Both women say the Fraley's home did not have working smoke detectors and they want others to learn from this tragedy.

“No one wants to lose their life over a dead nine-volt battery; it's heartbreaking,” said Imler.

Kevin is still in the hospital. We confirmed today he served his community as a volunteer fireman.

Meanwhile, the State Fire Marshal's Office says they still don't know the cause.

If you would like to help the family, visit their GoFundMe. The Porum Fire Department also has an active benefit account for Kevin. You can make donations at Armstrong Bank under the name "Porum Fire Fund for Kevin Fraley." The Department will also host a benefit lunch and silent auction January 13 at noon at the Porum School Cafeteria.