CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Downtown Claremore is seeing a revitalization.

The makeover is fueled in large part by folks like Justin Michael, who opened the Haberdashery a year ago when he noticed something.

"There were seven women's boutiques in downtown Claremore at the time," Michael said.

Michael said he saw guys were always sitting outside the Burlap Closet, or the District on Main, or the other boutiques, waiting for their wives, but there wasn’t much for the men.

"Those women are going to Tulsa to buy stuff for their husbands, or their boyfriends or their dads," he said.

So, he opened a store for guys with guy stuff - shaving stuff and beard products, lots of locally produced soaps and lotions just for men, and cigars.

"We're the only place within 15 miles to get a good cigar," Michael said.

They opened in November 2016, on Michael's birthday, and they’ve continued to grow.

"I've lived in Claremore all my life and in the past five years I’ve seen more growth and change," Michael said.

He hopes this is just the beginning of more growth and development.