CATOOSA, Oklahoma - New information after rescue teams remove the body of a Catoosa man they say fell into an icy pond in Catoosa Thursday afternoon.

Catoosa Police Chief Kevin McKim says the victim is in his late 40s, who was reported missing earlier in the day.

McKim says officers called his family out to the pond, thinking it might be him.

He says someone saw the man go underwater at the pond off Deer Valley Drive. That person flagged down a UPS driver, who went into the pond to try and rescue the victim.

Police say the UPS driver also fell through the ice and he had to be rescued by firefighters.

Verdigris Fire and Tulsa Police dive teams were also called and the victim's body was finally recovered Thursday just before 9:30 p.m. 

McKim says people need to avoid getting out on ponds after freezing conditions like we've had lately.

"Don't ever do this, kids, adults, don't ever do this. Don't ever ever get out on something like this please don't do it," McKim said.

Police say they're not releasing the name of the victim just yet.

Officers said the UPS driver that also got stuck came down with a case of hypothermia but should be okay.