TULSA, Oklahoma - The mother of a murdered son had one Christmas wish - to hear her son's heartbeat, one more time.

And on January 5th, she got that chance, when she met the woman who received her son's heart after he donated his organs.

And now, two strangers are tied together by the gift of life. 

Darci Long and Marilyn Gates already felt like family before they even met.

When Darci's 19-year-old son Nick Morris' was shot and killed last year, his heart saved Marilyn's life.

Marilyn wanted to thank Darci for the gift of life, Darci wanted to hear her baby's heartbeat once again.

So, Marilyn gave Dari a stethoscope with Nick's initials on it, just for that moment.

For Darci, the moment was both glorious and painful.

For Marilyn, it was a way to give back to a family who'd given her a chance to live.

Nick's grandma took a listen, along with his sister, best friend and his nephew, all of them completely overcome by the such a small sound that meant so a great deal to all of them.

"He's such a great kid and it's been such a struggle for me, daily and this helps a lot," Nick's mother said. 

"Even without knowing her, we love her because of the sacrifice.. she gave part of her son," Marilyn said. 

After the tears, came some laugher as Nick's family shared pictures and stories with Marilyn and her husband, about his funny, try-anything personality, a young man who loved the casino, the Chicago Bears and the Buffalo Bills. 

Marilyn told them whenever her heart did something doctors couldn't identify, she'd simply smile and say, it must be Nick's ornery side. His family loved that and also when Marilyn promised to take good care of Nick's heart and treasure it always.

Two women met as strangers, but became families, sharing one heart.