TULSA, Oklahoma - Owners of a stolen truck get it back in a matter of hours. 

They said they reported it to police, but it's their neighbors who stepped up and made a difference. 

The pickup truck is now right where it should be, in the owners' driveway.

"We are really happy," said victim Laurie Rosenbaum. 

Laurie Rosenbaum and her boyfriend Terry woke up Friday morning to realize someone stole it. 

A surveillance video shows a man climbing up to the driver's seat from the back of the truck.

"And he got right about here, hopped up, and got into the bed and then somehow jimmied that glass open," Rosenbaum said. 

They have no idea how he started it; she said the keys were inside their home. 

They called police right away. 
"Let's just let the police do their job, there's nothing more we can really do but just wait," thought Rosenbaum. 

While waiting, she uploaded the video to Facebook and Nextdoor.

Her neighbors decided to take action.

"We really do have some good neighbors," Rosenbaum said. 

The couple thought their truck was gone for good, but quickly realized it was parked less than a mile away.

"It's kinda like your heart jumping in your chest; I was like, 'That's it! That's it!" said Rosenbaum. 

Laurie said a neighbor found their truck parked at the Ashford Overlook complex.  

"She actually drove around that apartment complex looking for our truck because that was where her car ended up when it was stolen," she said. 

Not knowing if there was anything inside the truck that was stolen or potentially dangerous, she said they called police for the second time that day and let officers handle things before taking the truck back home. 

"At one minute, you think the worst of humanity because someone has stolen something that's important to you. And then the best of humanity, somebody you don't even know has gone out of their way to help you find your vehicle," Rosenbaum said.