TULSA, Oklahoma - Five days after a large flood, Spaghetti Warehouse in Tulsa is full of crews right now working to clean up the mess left behind.

Restoration crews are in from Dallas cleaning up debris and airing out the almost 100-year-old building.

Crews from a Dallas restoration company were on scene at the old Spaghetti warehouse on Monday, cleaning up the debris inside and airing out the several 1,000-square-foot property.

They said it's too dangerous to go inside right now but they hope to wrap up their work on the site within the week.

An environmental specialist said the fact that the building is so strong and made of brick means it should be possible to completely repair it - eventually.

Last week, a ruptured pipe flooded the building.

The flood inside turned into ice outside and a waterfall poured through the front doors of the former Spaghetti Warehouse after firefighters broke in.

"Our teams are actively working to assess the situation and ensure that the building is safe and secure," a spokesperson for the property owner told News On 6. 

The water flooded the parking lot and surrounding streets - and city salt trucks were sent out to soften the ice and plows were used to move it all to the side.