TULSA, Oklahoma - A Green Country woman says a custody battle nearly cost her her life. 

Police arrested two men who they say planted pipe bombs in her car.

Victim Jolene Rosson says that she's afraid for her life every day and that she's lucky to be alive after a May 2017 incident when two men left pipe bombs in her car. 

She says if Berry Nichols is released from prison, she believes he will try and kill her again. 

"The feeling that you're not safe the feeling that there are people that are still after you never goes away," says Rosson. 

Rosson says she lives her life in fear, afraid her mother's boyfriend will try to have her killed again.

"These people robbed my home, shot at me and then put a bomb in my car. If there's going to be any more contact I'm going to be dead," she says.

She says all the violence started with Berry Nichols started because of a custody fight over her children. 

"We were going over the termination of Berry's emergency custody of having custody of the kids," she says.

It all escalated back in May. 

Jolene says she was coming out of the Creek County courthouse when she noticed someone had slashed her tires. She says she reached into the car to grab what she thought was a tube of wires, but instead police say it was a 2 inch PVC pipe bomb.

"I was absolutely terrified when I picked that up I looked straight out my windshield and Berry Nichols was looking through the windshield of his vehicle staring at me," she says.

Police arrested Nichols and his son Christopher for planting the bombs in Rosson's car.

"If they let them out there gonna kill me they have nothing to lose at this point," she says.

Rosson says even though they are behind bars she still fears for her life. 

"I want to know that they are going to remain in custody for me and my kids and I want protective orders instated," she says.

Christopher Nichols pleaded guilty to conspiracy and is serving 44 months in prison.

His father Berry has a competency hearing in federal court scheduled for next month.