BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - A small Broken Arrow business says a thief could cause them to lose business during one of their busiest times of the year and they want whoever it is caught.

Adam Williams is the owner of Polar Bear Jacks, a heating and air design company in Broken Arrow, and he's out thousands of dollars in brand new equipment. 

“There's about $20,000 worth of equipment in there, you know. We spent all summer trying to pay off some insulation machines and everything like that. Hoses, a generator, all this kind of stuff and it was in that trailer," Williams said.   

Williams said they usually keep their trailers inside, but they're parked out front right now since they are renovating the space. 

“We've been having a lot of stuff in the way and we're moving our sheet metal shop over here and so there's just a lot of stuff in the way so there wasn't room to pull trailers in," he said.  

He said sometime last week someone in a single cab truck scoped out their business and then stole their equipment trailer. 

Now, Williams said he's going to struggle with his small business and could potentially lose money because January is one of their busiest months of the year. 

We worked all summer trying to pay off all this equipment and now we have nothing," he said.  

He hopes someone will recognize the equipment or the truck and report what they know to Broken Arrow police.

"I am mad, it's frustrating that people would do this to another person," Williams said. 

Broken arrow police said they are investigating.