TULSA, Oklahoma - Friends tell us the teenage victim of a hit and run was taken off life support Monday, while police still try to find the driver.

Police got to the scene early Sunday morning and said they found James Wright on the side of the road bleeding from the head. Friends just hope the person who left him there is found.

“It just happened so quick he didn't have a chance to fight or anything,” said friend Brittany Doss. 

Friends said James Wright was heading to QuikTrip early Sunday morning on his bike when he was hit by a car near 68th and Peoria. 

“I'm thinking maybe he went to get his sister some food or him some food or something because it was always about everybody else. It was never for himself,” said friend Sally Harris. 

Tulsa Police said the person who hit James was nowhere to be found. 

“The person who ran him over like the least you could've done was got out of the car to check to see if he was okay. It’s crazy how they just ran off,” said friend Kaylee Harris. 

Tributes to James are pouring out on social media. Friends say he had a big impact on every person he met.

“He's sweet and genuine and that’s just what hurts the most is he didn't deserve this,” said Kaylee.

They say no matter the time of day, he would do anything for anybody. 

“He cared for everybody like even if you just met him he cared for you … he always put everybody else before himself,” Brittany said. 

And his smile was contagious.

“You'll never see him mad, sad, upset. Every time he walks through the door he has a smile on his face,” said Kaylee. 

Whether he was singing or dancing, friends said he was always lighting up the room. 

“All of those dreams he had to be a singer and a dancer and somebody just took it away like it was nothing,” said Brittany. 

His friends started a Go-Fund-Me page for James' family to help with funeral arrangements. 

If you have any information on the crash that could help solve this case, call Tulsa Police.