GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - Glenpool police are warning residents to lock their doors after an increase in car break-ins.

It was a tip from a viewer that had us looking into the numbers. 

The e-mail talked about an increase in break-ins and the viewer asked us to sound the alarm before someone else becomes a victim.

"Someone was in my car and the door wasn't closed, so it's just like, are you serious?" said theft victim Deidre Carter.

Carter is one of the latest victims in the rolling meadows neighborhood. 

The mother of five said she recently lost a few sunglasses. 

"But yea, not cool, and I thought my spare keys were in there so I had to make sure to change all my locks," Carter said.  

A big problem she admits she wouldn't have had if she double-checked to make sure her car doors were locked. 

Unlocked doors are the problem according to Glenpool police. 

Officers typically respond to Carter's neighborhood two to three times a week, for items stolen from vehicles. 

Over the past three weeks, that number has been as high as 15 times a week.

"… it just makes me want to get surveillance," Carter said.  

That's exactly what Jason Thomas did. 

Jason lives along Elwood Avenue between 130th and 150th street, another problem area according to police. 

"I haven't been hit myself yet but I’m ready if they do. I got new cameras and I got a new gun," Jason said.  

The cameras went up just last week and the gun is a first for Thomas who hasn't carried one before but with the recent increase in crime, he said he wants to take every precaution. 

If you don't want to surround your home with cameras or carry a gun you can follow this simple advice from someone who knows firsthand. 

"Make sure your doors are locked and if you have valuables lock your doors, bring them inside it's not worth it," Carter said. 

Deidre also said she didn't file a police report because the sunglasses weren't worth that much. 

If you are a victim, police would like to hear from you so they can keep track on where these thefts are happening and investigate them.