TULSA, Oklahoma - It's been a little over a year since the Tulsa Route 66 Commission got to work focusing on the Mother Road.

The commission has made a lot of progress since forming in October 2016. It’s grown in members and committees and they focus on economic development, finance and preservation.

The commission is in the process of finalizing better signage along the route and meeting with local business owners who have opened spaces along the Mother Road.

The latest focus is forming clusters of business along areas of Route 66 that aren't seeing a lot of activity and those clusters will give travelers multiple places to stop and keep their interest in traveling the historic highway all the way through Tulsa.

"Where are the best places to do this? What are the best things we can encourage, and then get developers to say, 'I want to be there,’ or, ‘I should look at this,’ or, ‘I've got a business concept here,’ that kind of thing. So, we've got that conversation started so we should get that going this year too," said Ken Busby with the commission.

Another thing the commission is focusing on is going from a commission to an authority, which would give the group more financial and excision making power.