ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - A woman is headed to prison for 22 years for killing a man in a car crash in 2015.

Prosecutors say Megan Kramer was driving drunk and high and in the wrong lanes of Highway 412 when she slammed head-on into Mark Alderman.

Before the judge sentenced Kramer, the DA reminded the judge Kramer's own son had begged her not to drive that night, had even taken the keys away from her because she'd been drinking and doing drugs, but she got the keys back and drove anyway.

Mark Alderman was coming home from performing a wedding ceremony for friends that night of August 21.  He was headed home to his wife of 20 years, three children and a host of grandchildren.

They say Mark was the glue that held the entire family together and without him they are broken and lost.

"She took away the center of our family. He was truly the center of our family," said Alderman's wife, Angela.

Megan Kramer is now in a wheelchair because of the crash.

Charges didn't get filed until a year after the crash because prosecutors were told she was too ill, but, after a News On 6 story about her posting pictures on Facebook and spending time with her family, they charged her with manslaughter, having drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Mark's family took the stand to tell both Kramer and the judge how their lives are forever changed. 

"The holidays are different. He was the thing everybody centered around," Alderman said. 

Angela said she's trying to find a way to forgive Kramer and in the meantime is praying for Kramer's family who is also hurting.

After court, Megan's father told the Aldermans how sorry he was that she'd caused their pain.

The judge did say in December, he would review Kramer's sentence to see if that time, he should suspend any of it. As for Mark's family, they're just relieved this is over and they have some measure of justice for his death