TULSA, Oklahoma - Jurors started hearing testimony Wednesday in the first-degree rape trial of a man who turned himself in to a Tulsa police officer.

Police said Mason Dailey just walked up to a parked patrol car in November 2016 and turned himself in for rape.

He's now charged with first-degree rape, attempted rape, lewd molestation, and indecent exposure as more women came forward with their stories after his confession.

Prosecutors said Dailey got his longtime girlfriend's mother drunk and when she woke up later, she felt sore and wondered if Dailey had raped her.

Dailey's defense attorney, on the other hand, said they were both drinking together and had consensual sex when his girlfriend wasn't home and that his girlfriend's mother accused him of rape after they'd had an argument.

Dailey's defense attorney said he only turned himself in anticipating that his so-called "mother-in-law" was going to report him.

Two other women who claim to be Dailey's victims testified against him, saying he sexually assaulted them at the apartment he shared with his girlfriend.

Dailey's attorney told the jury that his client will testify in his own defense.

We will bring you updates throughout the rest of the trial.