BIXBY, Oklahoma - Many have asked: why haven't any charges been filed yet in the Bixby sexual assault investigation?

The investigation has three parts:

1.    Whether football players sexually assaulted a teammate, 
2.    if the school administration followed the law in reporting the assault,
3.    and if anyone tried to prevent a police investigation.

Court documents say the boys admitted to their role in a sexual assault, so people are asking, what else does the DA need to file charges? 

From a legal standpoint, prosecutors must prove every element of every crime charged. 

We’ve seen cases filed in a few days and some that have taken months. 

This is more than just a sexual assault case. And, it involves a lot of people; five students, four school administrators, plus investigators from three different agencies.

Documents say investigators have a lot of progress in this case but it's far from complete.

Documents say OSBI and Bixby police interviewed numerous Bixby students plus administrators.

Investigators got search warrants for communications that resulted in them receiving 10's of thousands of documents they say are not indexed or easily searchable so they're working with an IT person to make the documents more manageable.

Documents say a forensic examination has been done of several phones which captures everything on the phone along with some deleted items.

Documents also say the search of those phones is now a two-stage process: looking through all that data to see what's pertinent to the case and saving it, then making sure all that's not pertinent is set aside.

Just imagine the sheer amount of data people have on a phone; call logs to text messages, emails, photos, web searches, calendars, music and more and investigators must go through that process for all nine phones seized.

The Rogers County DA's office cannot comment on this case and also cannot file charges until they receive a report from the investigators. 

Once they get that report, then they'll decide what, if any, charges to file.