TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police are investigating a possible larceny at a Tulsa gas station. 

Chris Crosby and his fiancé said they came to a Phillips 66 gas station in East Tulsa to sell a used iPhone to a woman.

What they weren't expecting was for their sale to turn south.

Chris Crosby said the woman didn't pull up to the gas station alone. 

A man was sitting in the driver's seat and motioned for Crosby to come to his window.

Crosby said the sale took a turn when he opened the box to show the iPhone's condition.

He said the couple tried to grab the phone, and when he wouldn't let go, the two pulled him into the car with them.

Crosby said he kicked the door open and rolled out of the car several miles down the street.

He said he escaped with the iPhone but a necklace he was wearing was stolen and now he wants it back. 

"My father gave that to me and he has just had a 
stroke ... and I don't know how much longer we will have him," Crosby said. 

He said he filed a police report on Saturday but he didn't learn an officer had been assigned to the case until Wednesday afternoon. 

The couple believes security video shows the whole encounter and they hope police can recover it before it's recorded over.