TULSA, Oklahoma - A former Tulsa police officer has been indicted on federal charges related to the sexual exploitation of a child.

Noel A. McFadden, 71, is charged with exploiting and enticing a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purposes of producing graphic image files and video.

If convicted, he faces a maximum of life in prison for the enticement charge, 30 years for exploitation and 20 years for possession of child pornography.

Broken Arrow police say McFadden was molesting children in his home near Elm and Kenosha, luring them with gifts and candy. A detective told News On 6 the retired officer was very active in the neighborhood and used his police background to gain people's trust. 

McFadden is charged with seven counts of child sexual abuse in Tulsa County court. It was eight counts at one time, but one has been dismissed.

Officers said McFadden not only touched the children's private body parts, he exposed his own genitals to them, and showed them sexual videos.Officers also found child pornography in McFadden's possession.