TULSA, Oklahoma - There are two days of racing left before the championship race at the Chili Bowl Nationals.

But the drivers aren't the only ones that win.

For the 27th year, the JW Hunt Charity Auction at the Chili Bowl will benefit the Parent Child Center of Tulsa. And for the 27th straight year, JD Cormack is the man in charge.

"Started out nickels, dimes, and dollars and raised it coming up about $232,000 some odd as of entering this year," said Cormack. 

JD lives in Kansas City and loves racing. In particular, the Chili Bowl and it's number one charity.

As He travels, he picks up bits of racing memorabilia he thinks people will want to take home.

"Bobby Unser and Johnny Rutherford will be by today or tomorrow to autograph these cars I've got three of them," Cormack said. 

For race fans, that's big stuff. 

For the Parent Child Center, it’s big too. 

Because of budget problems at the state health department, the center lost a huge contract to provide a home visitation program. So, the auction takes on even more significance.

There are two parts to this fundraiser: a silent and a live auction.

The combined proceeds go to the Parent Child Center.

The live auction is set for Friday at noon in the grandstands at the Chili Bowl.

The silent auction runs through Saturday.