GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - Two Tulsa men are behind bars after Glenpool police said they robbed a man then broke into a home.

People like Melinda Imler who live on South Oak said what happened in the quiet neighborhood has left them uneasy.

"It's shocking. It's literally shocking to know this happened literally two houses away," Imler said. "I'm going to start looking around at people more carefully, and trying to figure out, is somebody in the neighborhood that isn’t supposed to be here.”

Police said it started Wednesday evening when two thieves tackled a man, put him in a chokehold and stole his cell phone and wallet.

"He tackled the kid. He told him he was a CIA agent and he was going to kidnap him and put him in the trunk of the car until he told him where this other guy was he was looking for. And he was like, ‘I don't know who that guy is,’" said Detective Tracey Powell, Glenpool Police.

Afterwards, police said the men broke into a nearby home looking for someone, while the homeowner was inside, asleep.

"This was a total random thing. It's not something that occurs. For whatever reason, these two people believe the person that had taken money from them or owed them money was at one of those two residences," Powell said.

Police arrested 25-year-old Bra'den Nelson and his brother Brandon.

Reports say Brandon told investigators he worked for the CIA and was at the home looking for "federal marijuana."

"I don't know what his motivation was to say that. I don't know if he's 100 percent there or if he was pretending to be not there. It's was hard to tell," said Powell.

Neighbors said this should serve as another reminder to always be careful when you are out.

"I mean, it still happened. Just because they were arrested doesn't mean that it's not going to happen again to somebody else," Imler said.

Police booked both men into the Tulsa County jail on robbery and burglary complaints.