TULSA, Oklahoma - A man's body was found in the Arkansas River beneath a highway bridge Friday afternoon.

A fisherman spotted the victim by the river bank near Riverside and Southwest Boulevard.

Police said the man went to check and see if he was okay. When he discovered the victim was dead the man called the police.

Police said the victim is a middle-aged man who was wearing heavy winter clothes.

Police said the man did have a head injury, but said, right now, there is no way of knowing whether it was caused because he fell or if the injury led to his death.

There are more questions than answers, and police said answers will take time.

"Depends on the medical examiner. Our crime scene guys come out and process the scene. Either way, we work them all like they could be homicides because you never know," Corporal Brandon Davis said.

There have been concerns that the victim is homeless because of the shelters close to the crime scene. In fact, a group went to the scene to see if they recognized the man.

Police said they won't know who he is until the medical examiner releases their report.