HONOLULU, Hawaii - Stories are all over the Internet about how Hawaii residents reacted to to the false alarm missile warning that was sent out in error Saturday, January 13. Some ran for cover, some made farewell calls to loved ones.

One man, identified as Mark Gardner, calmly stayed on the golf course and recorded a farewell video for his kids.

His daughter, Alohi Gardner, posted it on Twitter with the message: "My father will live and die golfing."

Her father's message:

"If you’re watching this video, that means I didn’t make it because of the missile that’s coming towards Hawaii.

"I just parred the last hole, and I just hit the shiznit out of my last ball. I love you all, but I’m playing golf. It’s the last thing I’m going to do.”

Alohi Tweeted more information about her father as the video went viral. 

He's a high school math teacher who loves to golf. The video was his way of "lightening the mood like he always does."

About half an hour after the initial message went out to mobile devices, residents got the message that the alert was in error.