TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are issuing a warning about a group of thieves in a sophisticated check cashing ring. 

Police said it involves a group of people from out of town. 

They come to the city, prey on the homeless, and offer them a quick cash deal that could ultimately land them in jail.

“Obviously they used these people so they don’t get caught themselves. You know what I would call the big suspects here," said Tulsa Police Corporal Matt Rose.  

Tulsa police are looking for two major players behind a fraud check cashing ring.

"We've had an issue in Tulsa about people picking up homeless downtown to do work for them or go produce some sort of fraudulent activity for years. This year it just kind of revamped," Rose said. 

Rose, with TPD's Financial Crimes Unit, says these criminals come into town, recruit folks down on their luck, and offer them money in exchange for taking checks to the bank to cash.

"These two couples needed money and said sure we'll go work. This man and woman promised them a full-time job and a 40 hour work week, but they had to come with them," Rose said.

But, once the person cashes that fraudulent check, the criminals take off, leaving who cashed the check as the only known suspect in a felony fraud case.

But police say in reality, many are just victims.

"Our main goal is to advise anybody downtown or anybody that's under the weather or homeless, or aren't able to support their means be very leery of where you go find that job and who promises you quick money," Rose said. 

If you know anything about this crime, or have been a victim, contact Tulsa Police.