TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police have identified the woman killed in a QuikTrip parking lot as Ashley Tobey.

The man accused of her murder is behind bars.

Investigators say the shooting started because of a petty argument but they say the bigger issue is the underbelly of society that's fueling many of these types of violent crimes.

Investigators say an argument left Tobey dead in the middle of a QuikTrip parking lot near 31st and Highway 169 Monday morning.

They say Ty Rutledge shot her from nearly 15 feet away with a sawed-off shotgun while she stood there unarmed.

Rutledge is fairly new to Tulsa police, but they say he has a history of drug crimes in other parts of the state and has associations with criminal groups.

"The Irish mob footprint is there but so is the Indian brotherhood footprint [and] so is the United Aryan brother footprint, so this is not going to be a strictly gangster on gangster reason,” said

Tulsa Police Sgt. Dave Walker.

While groups like these have caused some major problems in Tulsa the past few years, Sgt. Walker says there's a bigger issue at play and it fuels all of it.

"It's a society drug issue. These people gravitate towards each other,” said Walker. “Drugs, sex, money and vendettas and all four of those run around the drug world. So, I think you take away the drug addiction, you'll take away a lot of this type of crime like we saw this morning."

While Walker says the average Tulsan may not ever experience these types of crimes, he says these groups can be very reckless and can cost anyone who crosses their path their life.

"They are dangerous if you come across them in that world,” said Walker. "The good thing is we don't come across them in that world very often, but this one happened on a public parking lot and could have easily involved other innocent people."

Investigators still have not said what exactly the two were arguing about. They say they do not expect to make any more arrests.

Walker said witnesses were able to give officers a good description of what happened. They are also trying to recover surveillance video from the store.