TULSA, Oklahoma - A woman is in jail, suspected of child neglect after police said three children under 10 were wandering around an apartment complex by themselves.

According to the arrest report, police tried they tried to get a hold of Michaelle Madrid for hours before she finally arrived at the apartment asking for her children.

The arrest report says, Sunday afternoon, an 8-year-old, 5-year-old and 21-month old were wandering around Canyon Creek Apartments without adult supervision and a concerned neighbor took them in.

The kids told police they lived with Madrid but they didn't know where she was.

Police said they spent hours calling her, checking hospitals, talking with neighbors but were not able to get a hold of her.

Finally, hours after DHS came and took the children, police said Madrid showed up at the apartment and asked where her children were.

Detectives arrested Madrid around 11:30 Sunday night.