TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man cut his mother then forced his way into an apartment with two boys inside while running from police, according to an arrest report.

Gerald Dewaylon Smith, also known as "Way-Lo," was booked into jail on complaints of domestic assault and battery, first-degree burglary, threatening a violent act and obstruction.

An arrest report said the 23-year-old man cut his mother with a kitchen knife, leaving a visible mark on her arm. Police pulled him over in his car and he got out, running into Edenwood Apartments near East Apache Street and North Peoria Avenue.

Officers said he broke into an apartment where two boys were present, one 15 and one 11. Smith refused to come out but was taken into custody by a K-9 officer.

He was treated at the hospital for his wounds.

The arrest report also said he admitted using a knife to force entry into his mother's home.

Smith was booked into the Tulsa jail Sunday morning, January 14th on the assault and burglary complaints. 

Jail records show Tulsa Police had arrested him Saturday afternoon for resisting officers.