JENKS, Oklahoma - A Jenks family is starting over after a fire burned down their house and everything inside Sunday.

Mary Putman said not only did they lose their home, they lost their pets, too. The one puppy they thought would survive out of the new litter passed away Monday.

Now, a Tulsa business and the community are stepping up to help the family in any way it can.

"Anything that will help replace something that they've lost. It's cold, we don't know if they have coats, socks, shoes. Whatever we can help them with, we're happy to do so," said Jennifer Newstrom, co-owner of Sweetpea Couture.

When Newstrom saw the Putman’s story she knew she had to help – especially since she’s been in their shoes.

"We have been where they are. We've been through a house fire. We've lost everything," she said. "I hate to see anybody go through the same thing we did because I know how traumatic it is. To walk into your house and have nothing left."

Newstrom said their house caught fire in 2005, which is why the Putman’s story sparked something inside her.

"It makes me want to open my heart up…donations, anything. Clothing, anything that can help this family to recover, because I know it's such a devastating loss," she said.

Newstrom said they're also collecting donations at the store at 8921 South Yale Avenue, Suit B, in Tulsa - anything that could help, besides cash. They'll take gift cards, clothes, furniture, or anything else the family could use as they begin to pick up the pieces.

"We just have to get through it. We can do it. We have each other. It could have been so much worse than this," Putman said.

A neighbor has also started a GoFundMe page for the Putman family.