TULSA, Oklahoma - Two waterline breaks flooded a major midtown Tulsa intersection Tuesday afternoon.

The city says a 16-inch line running under 21st broke, flooding the intersection of 21st and Peoria.

Osage SkyNews 6 HD flew over the break next to Woodward Park just before 1 p.m. Cars were making it through the intersection but the water in some spots was about a foot deep. 

City crews shut off the water, but the pavement on 21st Street buckled, and they will have to rebuild it for at least 75 or 100 feet. 

The water is expected to cause headaches with the bitter cold overnight. Construction at the intersection and east on 21st Street was finished not too long ago.

The city says repairing the line will take at least a couple days. Fixing the street will take much longer. The city says it's possible the entire intersection will have to be rebuilt which would take a month.