VERDIGRIS, Oklahoma - A Rogers County mother takes to Facebook to try to clear her and her sons' names, after pleading guilty to accessory in a hit-and-run that killed a young woman.

The mother of one of their victims is having none of it.

"I wasn't shocked. At this point, I don't know that they could shock me," said Brandy Whitmire. Whitmire was Noelle New's mother.

Whitmire says to her, the Facebook post is yet another way the mother of Gage and Dakota Shriver is skirting responsibility for her, and her sons', actions.

Gage and Dakota Shriver were convicted last year in the Rogers County hit-and-run that killed Noelle New, and left Maranda Talley badly injured.

In a Facebook post on Monday, the Shrivers' mother says they "saved the life" of Talley by returning to the scene.

Whitmire said, "We've heard the lies. We've heard that story."

The Shriver brothers maintain they had no idea they hit the two girls when they went flying off the road early one morning.

"I've seen the same pattern of behavior for the last two and a half years. To lie, deflect, and blame," said Whitmire.

Their mother, who is charged as Dorothea Butanda, pleaded guilty to accessory last week.

She posted on Facebook under the name "Annette Wicker."

Whitmire says Butanda should take responsibility for her actions.

"She chose this. She didn't have to be in the position she is now."

Butanda says on Facebook "numerous" mothers and fathers have told her they would have done the same thing. Whitmire disagrees.

"I love them enough not to lie for them or to cover any crimes that they commit," she said.

At this point, Whitmire says she just wants them to take responsibility for the pain they've caused.

"It would be a great relief to me just to hear them say, 'I did this, and I'm gonna accept whatever punishment is melded out to me because I did this.'"

I asked her what she needs from them that she hasn't gotten? "The truth," she said.

Butanda's post also says there's new evidence supporting their story and she plans on changing her plea.