TULSA, Oklahoma - Firefighters returned Wednesday afternoon to the scene of a deadly early morning fire near 61st and Lewis.

They went door to door checking smoke detectors and handing out free ones to homes that needed them.

Firefighters responded to a home in the 1700 block of East 56th Street around 10:45 Tuesday night. When they arrived, they found heavy smoke and flames coming from the home.

Once they got the fire under control, firefighters searched the home and found a woman dead inside.

"I can accept someone going with a heart attack or something like that, but being burned up, that's really sad," neighbor Gerald Hayes said.

Hayes said he's known the woman who died in the fire for 50 years and can't believe what happened.

Firefighters said they were already in the neighborhood for another call Tuesday night and were able to get to the fire quickly, but flames were already shooting out of the home.

As their helmets and equipment were literally freezing over, they said several factors made fighting the fire very difficult.

"There appeared to be a hoarding situation. There were so many contents inside of the home it made it next to impossible to get into the house and do a search," District Chief Jon Steiner said.

Ultimately, the fire was too intense and firefighters had to knock it down first before finding her body inside.

People who knew her knew her heart.

"She was a very outgoing person. And she shared things with people,” Hayes said. "I know she was ready to go. She knew the Lord and she was ready to go."