TULSA, Oklahoma - An Owasso family has a warning for drivers tonight about how quickly a thief can steal your vehicle. 

A woman says it only took about a minute for someone to drive off in her husband's truck that he was warming up in the driveway.

Owasso police are investigating and looking at the family's surveillance video. 

The family says this truck meant a lot to them and they'll take it back no questions asked.

Surveillance video shows a man running up to the truck, hopping inside and leaving the Hopkins' driveway in a matter of seconds. 

"My husband went to start his truck - came back in to grab the baby and went back out, and the truck was gone," said Owasso resident Stephanie Hopkins. 

Hopkins said even though she and her husband Timothy feel safe in their neighborhood, he's still careful about warming up his truck. 

"It's just a loving community," Hopkins said. "He normally locks it and has a spare key in his pocket."

But Stephanie said her husband didn't lock it Tuesday morning and whoever stole the truck was quick to take advantage. 

"Instantly, knew what he was doing and what he was after. It's really sad," she said. 

But this truck won't easily be replaced.

Stephanie says it means more to him than what gets him from Point A to Point B. 

"It was very sentimental to him. When his mom passed away, that's how he bought that truck," she said. 

The 2001 Maroon Dodge Ram has an extended cab and a black stripe on the tailgate.

Stephanie describes the bumpers as being "dinged up," and says the coating is peeling off on the hood. 

"It's not the financial side that is hurting him. It's more grieving from his mom, that that was the last thing that he had of her," she said. 

The City of Owasso says it is not legal to leave your car running unattended in your driveway, although that ordinance is rarely enforced. 

If you think you know the man in the surveillance video, call Owasso Police.