TULSA, Oklahoma - This is National Mentoring Month and there is a need for male mentors at Big Brothers Big Sisters in Tulsa.

Rachel Steele fought back tears as she talked about what Big Brothers Big Sisters has meant to her 14-year-old son Lewis.

"Being a single mom, his dad isn't always there, and so, he needs to see that men show up and that men are positive in their life,” said Steele.

She wants her son to have that role model, that person to look up to and learn from.

"I know a mentor doesn't take the place of a dad but it can show him what it means to be a man,” said Steele.

Lewis was matched with a mentor when he was 12. 

"Some matches take up to years they say. Mine was really quick at 7 months,” said Lewis.

It was quick and fun. Lewis says they did all kinds of things together, including fish, swim and go to baseball games.

"I do love sports for sure,” he said. “I have a tennis racket at home. I like to play baseball.”

But now Lewis is back on the waiting list, a growing list with fewer male mentors signing up.

"They want a big. They want a mentor,” said director Matthew Morton. “They want someone to impact their lives."

Morton says last year all kinds of volunteers served 350 kids.

"No matter how old you are or what you do for a career, if you're a college student or retired, there's a child there for ya,” said Morton.

There’s a child, like Lewis waiting for that next fun outing. His mom hopes tomorrow the phone rings with more matches.

“Do it,” she said. “You won't regret it!”

And while there is a need for male volunteers, they say they've been impressed with the numbers of female volunteers.

Right now, there are only 20 girls on the waiting list.

If you're interested in volunteering, visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters website or call 918-744-4400.