GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - Glenpool police say they believe a series of car burglaries are connected.

Police say they have investigated several car burglaries in the past two months in the area of 143rd and Poplar Place in Glenpool. 

Police say video surveillance shows one of the suspects walking house to house, checking for unlocked cars, all while another car slowly follows with their headlights off. 

The video shows the suspect taking things out of cars and putting them in the vehicle following behind, police say. 

In the weeks following, police say a stolen credit card taken from one of the car burglaries was used at a Tulsa QuikTrip.

Police are looking for the woman surveillance shows using the credit card.

Police say they have already identified a juvenile suspect in the case who is not shown in the photos.

Glenpool police are asking people to contact them if they recognize the people in the photos. 

They want to remind people to lock their cars and not to leave any valuables inside.