PITTSBURG COUNTY, Oklahoma - Another young deer is safe after being rescued from a frozen pond near McAlester.

It was more than just saving a deer, it was also an opportunity for Pittsburg County's water rescue team to train for situations that could one day involve a person.

Game Warden Shane Fields says a farmer called him Thursday, January 18th after spotting a deer in the middle of a frozen pond.

Fields says he was worried with the temperatures rising, the ice might thaw, putting the deer at an even greater risk of falling through, so they had to act fast.

He called in the Pittsburg County Emergency Management water rescue team to help out.  It took them about 10 minutes to break through the ice to get to the deer.

But once they got to it, it seemed happy they were there.  The deer even let the rescuers load into the boat and take it back to land.  It had some sores from rubbing against the ice, but other than that, the deer is going to be just fine.

This is the second time this month, the Pittsburg County water rescue team has saved a deer stuck on a frozen pond.